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How MLS Laser Helps Treat Nerve Pain and Neuropathy

Aug 19, 2021

For many patients with peripheral neuropathy, nerve pain, tingling, numbness and other symptoms can sometimes feel like challenging obstacles to overcome. They can be frustrating, interfere with your daily enjoyment of life, and make it seem like your own body is out against you.

At Kalamazoo Podiatry, we want to help each of our peripheral neuropathy patients find the best routes toward treating and managing their symptoms, allowing them more opportunities to enjoy what they love without nerve pain and complications holding them back.

Since the circumstances behind peripheral neuropathy can differ from patient to patient, treatment recommendations will differ as well – but we always want to have a wide variety of options to help as many patients as possible.

Multiwave locked system (MLS) laser therapy is one such option that we’re proud to have available, and one we’ll be exploring more here.

mls laser

But How Can a Laser Help with Peripheral Neuropathy?

It is common to think of lasers as devices that burn; and if you suffer from nerve pain, a burning sensation is likely the last thing you want more of!

But the lasers used in MLS therapy are not the kinds that burn or damage tissue. Instead, their aim is to cause minor disruptions that stimulate positive responses within the body. 

This form of treatment that relies on the body’s natural healing responses is sometimes referred to as “regenerative medicine.” If you feel your body is working against you when you experience peripheral neuropathy symptoms, MLS laser therapy may be considered a means of helping your body work for you again.

The body’s response to MLS laser sessions can have the following positive effects:

Blood flow to the area can be increased

This can be particularly helpful in many cases of peripheral neuropathy where poor circulation is a core cause of the condition. 

If blood flow to an area of damaged nerves is improved, it can bring with it much of the oxygen, growth factors, and nutrients that those damaged nerves need to perform better and potentially even repair themselves. With improved function and health typically comes a reduction in pain and other symptoms.

Inflammation can be reduced

Another potential cause of peripheral neuropathy is nerves being compressed against other tissues within the body. Nerves trapped in this way can become damaged and/or send faulty signals.

If tissues surrounding a nerve become inflamed, they can easily swell up and compress that nerve. MLS laser therapy can help relieve that inflammation, often as part of improved blood flow. With more blood coming in to bring in what the body needs, there is more to take out excess liquid and help relieve swelling.

Pain can be relieved

As part of a response to MLS laser therapy, the body tends to temporarily block local pain signals. This can naturally be beneficial in many cases of peripheral neuropathy, and the improved function and healing that can be stimulated in damaged nerves can provide long-term reduction in pain as well.

For patients under the right circumstances, adding MLS laser therapy as part of a treatment plan has helped them achieve better pain management, reduce their need for other forms of treatment (including medications), and improve nerve performance.

MLS laser therapy may be an ideal course of treatment for many peripheral neuropathy patients, whereas others may benefit more from other methods. We will always happily discuss our recommendations for treatment that best meets your individual needs, whether laser therapy is a part of them or not.

MLS Laser Therapy

What to Expect from MLS Laser Therapy

If we proceed with MLS laser therapy as part of a treatment plan, you will likely have several sessions scheduled out over a period of weeks or months.

For each session, you will be asked to come to our office. There is nothing you need to do to prepare beforehand. 

The laser therapy will be applied to the areas in need through our device. This should not cause any pain; most patients report a warming sensation in the area and little more.

Each session will usually take 30 minutes or less. No bandaging or other form of aftercare is required – you are free to continue with your day as normal!

The results of MLS laser therapy are typically cumulative in nature, meaning you should feel the benefits more and more with each successive session. We will monitor progress during the course of treatment, and make any adjustments or changes as necessary should those results not become as strong as we are hoping for.

Take Steps Now Toward Nerve Pain Treatment and Management

Whatever the best course of treatment may be for your particular situation and needs, there is never any better time to start addressing peripheral neuropathy than now.

Peripheral neuropathy only tends to become worse as time progresses. Beginning proper treatment as early as possible can help slow or outright stop that progression, helping you have a much more comfortable and active future. There are many potential forms of treatment as well, from regenerative medicine to physical therapy, better footwear choices, and dietary improvements.

Let us help you find improved relief from your peripheral neuropathy symptoms. Call our Kalamazoo office at (269) 373-1019, our Allegan office at (269) 673-8757, or fill out our online contact form to schedule an appointment.

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