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Regenerative Injection Therapy

When most people hear the word “injection therapy,” they think of a cortisone shot. While this form of treatment can provide relatively fast pain relief for a medium-term period of time, it doesn’t help your body heal or regenerate tissue that’s already deteriorated. It’s only a “band-aid.”

Enter regenerative injections. Although the process is similar to getting a steroid shot, these injections are made with natural biomolecular material that not only relieves pain, but actually helps your body heal and regenerate damaged tissue, and resist further deterioration of joints and tendons.

The product we use at our office is called Ascent, and the results we’ve seen from it for our patients with long-term joint and tendon pain have been nothing short of astounding. If pain has been keeping you from living life on your terms, this revolutionary therapy may be just what you need to stop hurting and start returning to activities you used to love!

What Are Ascent Injections and How Do They Work?

If you’ve ever gotten a “regular” injection before, the process is very similar. There’s no special prep work you need to do before the appointment, and we can have you in and out of our office in just a few minutes!

We’ll clean the skin surrounding the site of the injection, and if you wish we can provide a topical numbing agent to reduce any mild pain or discomfort you might feel.

Once you’re ready, we’ll perform the injection. After that, we may ask you to flex and stretch a few times, clean and bandage the injection site, and send you on your way.

The time it takes to see results will vary depending on the location and nature of the pain, as well as your health status. Most people start to see results within a couple of days, although in some cases it may take a couple of weeks to yield full results.

Is Ascent Injection Therapy Safe?

It is extremely safe. In fact, there has never been any reported severe adverse reaction to the injection. Not a single one!

Remember, unlike most other kinds of “medications,” Ascent is made with 100% natural biomolecular material. Everything in the injection is stuff your body already makes and uses every day.

Furthermore, donors are rigorously screened to determine eligibility, and the injectable material is also thoroughly sterilized during processing.

As mentioned above, the donation process is also 100% safe for the donor, too—which includes mother and child.

Is Ascent Therapy Right For Me?

Ascent is an excellent choice for many patients who have struggled with chronic pain in and around joints and soft tissues of the feet and ankles—especially those who have not responded to more conventional treatment options.

It is now also, as of 2020, covered by Medicare. So the therapy is an even better deal for those who qualify for coverage (although even paying out of pocket, the value can still be significant).

That said, whether any of our treatment options are right for you can only be determined after an evaluation and consultation with Dr. Bredeweg. Ascent is just one of the many effective, modern pain solutions we provide; in some cases an alternative mode of treatment (such as MLS laser therapy) may be preferred. 

Either way, you gain nothing by waiting! The sooner you make an appointment with us, the sooner we can help you—and the sooner you can get back to doing all the things you used to love before the pain made them impossible.

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