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Getting Rid of Your Plantar Warts

You should never underestimate plantar warts.

Sure, they might not seem so serious, or so scary—at least not at first. But even under the best case scenario, you might find them unsightly or embarrassing.

And even if your warts currently aren’t bothering you all that much, they can still spread to other parts of your foot or body. A wart under the sole of the foot or in the crease or tip of a toe can cause a lot of discomfort, even outright pain, if it’s in a sensitive spot.

That’s why we usually recommend you treat your warts as soon as possible. And we have some great news on that front:

Thanks to our new Swift Microwave Therapy, we can help you get rid of your warts using a convenient, modern, and comfortable treatment method that lacks any of the downsides of traditional wart removal procedures.

What Are Plantar Warts?

Warts are small, fleshy, grainy-looking bumps that appear in the upper layers of skin. Plantar warts simply means that the warts appear on your feet, usually (although not always) around the base of the toes, balls of the feet, or heels.

If you look closely, you may notice that the wart has interrupted or distorted the normal lines and ridges of your foot. You may also notice one or more tiny, dark pinpoints underneath the surface of the wart. (These are just clotted blood vessels.)

Warts themselves are usually painless, but may hurt if they are located in an area where they’re subjected to a lot of pressure or friction.

How Do I Get Rid of Them?

The best treatment available for warts—by far, in our opinion—is using our new Swift Microwave Therapy.

Home treatments, unfortunately, usually do not work for warts. And traditional professional wart treatments like cryotherapy, peeling medications, and surgical excision all come with various downsides. Each can cause collateral damage to healthy skin, and may also require you to bandage the foot or deal with certain aches and pains.

By contrast, Swift is fast, safe, easy, unobtrusive and comfortable. There’s no lasting discomfort, no breaking of the skin or damaging of healthy tissues, and absolutely no aftercare required.

Here’s a Demonstration From Dr. Bredeweg!

What Can I Expect from Treatment?

Treatment sessions are extremely brief—in some cases we can have you in and out in just 10 minutes.

First, we lightly debride the hard outer layers of the wart. This is painless and does not cause any discomfort or bleeding.

Next, we apply the microwave therapy, which only lasts about 2-3 seconds. The sensation is sort of like touching a mild to moderately hot object. Not all our patients experience any discomfort, but even if you do, the sensation will subside within a matter of seconds.

After the session, you can go back about your day. There’s no need for any aftercare or activity modifications. You don’t need to do anything.

It may take 3-4 brief sessions spread out over a few weeks to fully eliminate a particularly stubborn wart—similar to what you’d expect with other, much more painful and invasive treatment options.

    Time to Get Rid of Those Warts!

    There’s no need to put up with warts that are bothering you, whether you find them painful or just unsightly. Because now, you can treat them with virtually no discomfort or hassle!

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