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My 7-year-old son had a procedure at the office, recently. Everyone at the office is amazing with their bedside manner! We could not have been more grateful for how well they took care of us and made my son feel extremely comfortable, with a pretty serious procedure. We would definitely recommend them!

Lindsay D.

The staff was amazing and super quick to make us comfortable in the office. Very very clean environment. The best bedside manner ever. My son had 2 severely ingrown toenails that were making it difficult to walk with infections. They were so gentle and caring to ensure that he felt no pain and discomfort. Amazing time and quick follow-ups. Highly recommended.

Tabbie E.

Very pleased and satisfied with the care and support, I received, from the Kalamazoo Podiatry team. My feet were killing me, and a very thorough examination was done, remedy was recommended, and I can say that my feet are improving and I am in a lot less pain. Glad I made the choice to call. Thank you.

Paul A.

The Kalamazoo Podiatry office was recommended to me after visiting another podiatrist initially and I left feeling very apprehensive. I couldn’t be happier with the treatment I received from Dr. Bredeweg and the entire staff. I would highly recommend their practice and I won’t be going anywhere else in the future.

Youssef F.

Very caring and helped my pain a great deal. Would highly recommend them.

Cheryl D.

Staff was very friendly, the wait time was sufficient, and time with the doctor was adequate. All in all, I had a very pleasant experience.

Nikki W.

I was well pleased with Dr.Bredeweg and his staff the young ladies at the front desk was was very helpful and very friendly I would recommend this place to everyone who wants a great foot doctor. Here’s the place to come to!!

Wanda A.

Everybody is very friendly and professional, you’re definitely in great hands when you come here. I was very nervous but helped me feel very comfortable.

Deviola W.

This was my first visit and the Doctor and staff were fantastic. I have made my next appointment and recommend them 100%

Michael L.

My wife – Jody loves this office. They provide excellent service and care for their patients. The staff is very nice and inviting. You don’t have to wear a mask which is so relieving. You are able to have your spouse with you at your appointment which is almost unheard of these days. Dr. Bredeweg is very nice and caring. He has a way of making you feel comfortable my wife says. Love the fact they have a Bible in the entryway. I would recommend this office to everyone! Thank you to all the staff at Kalamazoo Podiatry for all you do – you’re the best.

Travis M.

I got the laser treatment on my foot after I had surgery twice. My scar tissue was making it painful to walk but after my laser treatments, I feel so much better. It was completely painless and I can hardly see my scar. Dottie was so sweet and comforting during every visit. I would recommend this treatment to anyone suffering from a scar.

Danielle B.

Outstanding care. I’ve suffered with foot pain, from bunions on both feet, for several years. Very thankful I located a doctor, and the entire staff, that provided excellent care. I highly recommend Kalamazoo Podiatry. I was provided excellent care from the start of the process, during surgery, and in recovery. Very friendly and proficient. I’m extremely grateful for the outstanding care.

J J.

The staff is so incredibly helpful! Their kindness and help on the phone is what lead me to Dr. B’s practice. Everyone has been so helpful. Looking forward to the treatment and hopefully resolving my issue!

Joanne N.

Damaged tendons in both feet and was struggling to do my job every day. Worked with Dr. Bredeweg and the staff on a solution that would help me in the long term. Progressing through laser therapy, education on quality shoes and custom inserts have put me back on my feet. Recently, they got a new system in to laser measure your feet and then a company 3D prints your custom insert. These are phenomenal!!! Great fit and are helping immediately. If you have inserts but not the type made from this new method, you don’t know what you are missing.

Kris L.

Honestly, the doctor and entire staff have been the GREATEST experience of any specialist I have had! Been told the truth, the best way to take care of myself, and what to do in the future! I would, and have recommended many friends, and others to this practice! Thank you for caring, and taking care of my family!

Gregory R.

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