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Remy Laser

What is the Remy Laser? 

The Remy laser is a class IV therapeutic laser system that leverages laser energy to promote the body’s natural healing processes, as well as to decrease or eliminate painful symptoms often associated with foot and ankle problems. 

Extremely safe, powerful, and versatile, this laser is widely used in the treatment of foot and ankle conditions.

Why Is the Remy Laser Different from Other Lasers?

The Remy laser is unique thanks to its highly customizable settings, which enable Remy laser technicians to perfectly tailor each treatment to the specific requirements of every patient and their condition.

Unlike other lasers used in foot and ankle care, the Remy laser features four wavelength settings, as well as modes for continuous and pulse operation, and several interchangeable handpieces.

The Best Treatment for Fungal Nails

Laser treatment can stimulate the body’s cells to stimulate growth, but it can also be set to destroy fungal invaders and other bacteria.

Laser is the safest and most comfortable option for treating fungal toenail infections. The laser energy passes through the nail tissue and hits the underlying fungus directly. It reaches the fungus more easily and effectively than topical medications, and without the side effects that can result from the use of oral antifungal medications.

Once the fungus has been eradicated, a new healthy nail can grow out to replace the once infected nail.

What Other Conditions Can the Remy Laser Treat?

As mentioned, the Remy laser is incredibly effective at addressing – and treating – a variety of foot and ankle conditions, including:

remy laser

How Does the Treatment Work?

Very similar to MLS laser therapy, the Remy laser harnesses laser energy to improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and boost cellular metabolism. All this, in turn, allows for faster, safer, and more effective healing processes, and highly individualized sessions that address and treat specific conditions.

Despite being relatively small, the Remy device emits lasers at different therapeutic wavelengths and is very powerful.

Remy laser sessions are safe, pain-free, and totally drug-free, and do not generally cause any adverse effects, nor do they present any contraindications.

Because of this extreme safety and versatility, Remy laser treatments are very well tolerated by a variety of patients, with very minimal or absent risks.

What Can You Expect After Receiving the Treatment?

After attending a series of individualized Remy laser sessions, patients can rapidly notice several benefits to their foot and ankle health.

Below are some of the most common and significant:

  • Pain relief: Remy laser drastically reduces any pain or painful symptoms associated with a wide range of foot and ankle conditions. This pain relief is incredibly fast – most patients report it after only one session.
  • Natural, drug-free treatment: while following a course of Remy laser sessions, patients do not need to take any prescription drugs or other types of medication. Effectively, the Remy laser system is a natural way to address and treat pain in the feet and ankles.
  • Promotion of faster and safer healing processes: thanks to its highly powerful laser energy, the Remy laser stimulates, accelerates, and promotes the body’s healing processes in a natural, safe, and gradual way.
  • Minimal or no side effects or contraindications: the Remy laser system is not known to cause any side effects, or to have any contraindications. The treatment is also painless and does not require the patient to undergo anesthesia.
  • Faster surgical repair: after undergoing surgery, patients who follow a course of Remy laser sessions will benefit from faster recovery and repair of the surgical site, which enables them to regain their health and go back to their daily lives more quickly and safely.
  • Cost-effective and affordable: despite being a high-tech treatment, the Remy laser is very accessible to most patients. In addition to this, the Remy laser removes the need to purchase and take costly painkillers or other prescription medication, as well as to attend expensive physical therapy sessions.

Discover the Benefits of the Remy Laser

If you want to try an effective, non-invasive solution to help treat your fungal nails and other foot and ankle conditions, contact our team, and book your Remy laser session today!

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