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The Best Fungal Nail Treatment

Apr 11, 2022

Nail fungus is a fairly common, but irritating, infection that can affect nearly anyone. The infection is caused by fungi in the environment that enter the foot area through cracks in the skin or nails. People with diabetes or blood circulation issues may have a higher risk of developing nail fungus.

The infection starts as a yellow stain under the tip of the nail but then grows to completely discolor the nail. As the infection grows deeper still, the nail will thicken and can begin to crumble away at the edges. Nail fungus can affect the fingernails but is primarily found in the toenails.

Symptoms of fungal nail infection can include thickened nails, white or yellow discoloration, brittleness along the edges of the nails, shape distortion, and possibly a slightly foul smell.

Although the condition is often mild without severe pain, the appearance of the infection can be quite unpleasant.  In most cases, at-home treatment is fairly straightforward.


Podiatrist treating fungal nails


Treatment Options

When dealing with milder cases of fungal nail infection, a few easy measures taken at home can help treat and even prevent further infection. 

  • Washing regularly. After touching an infected area, be sure to wash your hands immediately so that you don’t spread the infection further.
  • Trim toenails straight across, without curving the edges. This will prevent the occurrence of ingrown toenails, which will only further inflame the infection.
  • Wear sweat-absorbing socks and breathable shoes. Enclosing the foot in a warm, humid environment will only make the infection worse.
  • Wear sandals or other forms of footwear in public spaces where bacteria thrive, such as pools, gyms, and locker rooms.

More severe cases of nail fungus can become rather painful and possibly even cause further damage. In these instances, a visit to us may be required, where a more effective method of treatment will be available to you. At Kalamazoo Podiatry, we highly recommend the Remy Laser treatment.

The Remy Laser

The Remy Laser is a therapeutic laser system that uses laser energy to aid in the body’s natural healing process. This treatment is widely used in podiatry to decrease the painful symptoms of foot or ankle problems. The laser is safe, powerful, and hugely effective.

The Remy Laser utilizes customizable settings, allowing it to be tailored precisely to individual conditions and treatments. Unlike most lasers, the Remy laser has four wavelength settings, continuous or pulse settings, and interchangeable handpieces.

This treatment stimulates the cells in the body, causing them to reproduce more rapidly. Additionally, it destroys bacteria, making it extremely effective in the treatment of fungal nail infections.


Podiatrist treating fungal nail with Remy Laser


How Does it Work

The energy from the laser passes through the nail tissues, hitting the fungus directly. The laser can reach the fungus more deeply than any topical or oral antifungal medications. As this treatment is directly targeting the affected area, there is no concern for side effects or additional issues after treatment, which is not always the case with medication. 

The laser energy increases blood circulation, reduces inflammation, and boosts cell metabolism. All of this promotes quick healing and pain relief.

Once the fungus has been dealt with, healthy cells can re-grow the nail, fungus-free. This is known as “regenerative treatment.” The Remy laser is safe and effective and has shown great success in addressing a wide variety of foot and ankle ailments.


Remy laser treatment requires a series of sessions, to be determined by the severity of your condition, but the benefits are more than worth the time. Patients who opted for the Remy laser experienced several significant improvements after only a few sessions.

  • Pain relief – The Remy Laser works incredibly fast in relieving pain from fungal toe infections. Many patients say they experienced relief after only one session.
  • Minimal or no side effects – The Remy Laser doesn’t require anesthesia and the treatment is painless. This simple method results in little or no known side effects for the patient.
  • Fast healing process – The Remy Laser stimulates and accelerates the body’s natural healing process, in a completely safe way. Although the healing is considered gradual, it is very quickly noticeable.
  • Affordable – Although the Remy Laser is a fairly high-tech treatment, it is financially accessible to most patients. Beyond the initial treatment, there are no “after-treatment” costs such as painkillers or physical therapy sessions.
  • Fast repair – The Remy Laser does not require a long, drawn-out healing process. The laser sessions enable patients to regain health and return to normal life much more quickly.

After Treatment Care

The Remy Laser works quickly and there is typically no after-treatment care required. Most patients heal fast and can resume their daily lives. The treatment is drug-free, meaning it doesn’t require any medications or special prescriptions before, during, or after. For instant pain relief and quick recovery, the Remy Laser truly is one of the most effective treatment options.

Schedule Your Remy Laser Treatment

The Remy Laser approach is a highly recommended treatment for severe fungal nail infections, as it is safe, quick, effective, and convenient.

If at-home treatments for nail fungus haven’t worked, or if you find yourself dealing with fungal nail infections, again and again, it may be time to schedule an appointment with a podiatrist to discuss the Remy Laser treatment.

The team at Kalamazoo Podiatry is here to help you solve all foot ailments, including fungal nail infections. Call us today at (269) 373-1019 or request an appointment online. We’ll be happy to discuss treatment options like the Remy Laser and get you back on your feet in no time.

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