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Tired of dealing with embarrassing plantar warts? Join the club.

These viral skin growths are frustrating in more ways than one. In addition to being unsightly, they are exceedingly stubborn, prone to spreading, and may take years to go away on their own. Worse, treatment options tend to be ineffective with irritating side effects.

Until now.

Kalamazoo Podiatry is pleased to introduce a new, convenient, and effective solution for surface-based skin lesions like warts. It’s called Swift, and it is the definitive answer to your wart problem.

What Is Swift?

Swift is an FDA-cleared treatment technology that is quickly gaining acceptance as the absolute best treatment for plantar warts.

Instead of cutting the wart out, or freezing or burning it off, Swift works by harnessing the power of your own immune system to eradicate the virus that caused the wart, healing it from the inside out.

It does this by applying a low dose of microwave energy through a specialized probe. It only takes a few seconds of heating up the water molecules in the skin to flag the attention of your immune system, so that healing can begin.

The result is a much safer, easier, more natural, and above all more effective way to remove pesky warts!

What Should I Expect?

An individual session takes only a matter of minutes from start to finish.

After lightly debriding the wart to prepare it for the treatment, the microwave therapy is applied for just 2-3 seconds. There will be some mild discomfort during the application, but the pain will immediately subside afterward. The sensation is very similar to getting an injection in terms of both intensity and duration.

There’s no need for anesthesia, since there’s no significant or lasting pain. We also don’t need to break or damage your skin in any way. And thus, there’s no need for bandages, any kind of aftercare, or any downtime. Sock on, sock off, and you’ll be back on your way.

For optimal results, most people require 3-4 brief sessions, spaced out over a few weeks.

What Are the Next Steps?

The earlier you treat your warts, the more likely you can eliminate them swiftly, without giving them a chance to spread.

If you’d like to get rid of your warts, and see if Swift treatment is right for you, please request a consultation with us by completing the form on this page, or calling our office at (269) 373-1019.

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